I am a ‘Resident alien’. I migrated to this country as a citizen of a hot, humid, diverse, one-of-a-kind Southeast Asian country, only to become an alien. I think the moniker is so apt  as I find myself observing, often with amused detachment, the world and people around me.

Despite close to a decade in this country, I find so many things strange and new and somethings totally alien to me. Having spent so long away from my homeland, I think I’ll feel the same way when I head home. This blog is a window to my life, experiences and often my ramblings.

I live in Portland, Oregon, a state I had not heard of until a decade ago and it is now my home. My day job involves lots of math,science and computer programming which keeps me fairly busy. I live with my husband (!) and dog(s) in a quiet neighborhood flanked by coastal mountains, evergreen forests and large fields. I love to read, play with my dogs, write, and experiment with cooking. Oh, and I also love playing and watching tennis.

Evenings will find me having  deep conversations with my dogs on the numerous trails that surround my house. Or I’ll be ensconced in my cocoon-like swing, napping with a book on my chest.

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