OTG – my miracle oven

I recently purchased an OTG – Oven Toaster Grill or as they call it nowadays, a toaster oven. It ain’t anything fancy, just a regular Cuisinart with your typical features. I had to justify the purchase owing to limited counter space and the presence of our big bulky oven. But thanks to my mom’s baked vegetables in white sauce which she made in the OTG and which remains my fav (recipe here), numerous cakes and other baked goodies – eggplant, tomato among others, I went ahead and bought it. It has been nothing short of a miracle!

So what do I use it for, you ask? Everything. From reheating frozen patties to toasting bread perfectly (on a weekend, though) for 10 minutes to making more of the vegetables in white sauce and increasing my vegetable consumption dramatically, my OTG is my go-to. Recently, I watched Samin Nosrat perfectly roast vegetables and lo and behold, my OTG did it perfectly for me! No more waiting for the big oven to preheat, then juggling carefully with the trays to get it out/ put it in and all the uneven heating and spatial browning is a thing of the past. No longer is the oven off-limits in summer and I don’t have to feel like walking by a bonfire everytime I cross the kitchen. It is much quicker, cleaner, more efficient and has opened doors to baking everything in ways I did not imagine.

This isn’t a plug from Cuisinart and it comes from a place of genuine love and appreciation of baked (healthy) food. To anyone who found the oven too big for quick dinners, reheats or roasting, go ahead and welcome your new friend – a toaster oven.